Storage Service

Storage Service

Need to have your belonging stored?

1st Generation Moving’s secure and clean storage facilities are the safest way to store your belongings until you can complete your move.

We offer the first month of storage FREE of charge to our Long Distance Movers. After this, monthly storage fee rates are based on the volume (square footage) of goods stored, subject to a monthly minimum.

We take an inventory of your goods when you move them into storage and all items will be placed in crates and sealed.

You may have access to your goods during the storage period by appointment with the storage manager who will accompany you during your visit. When you come to view or remove your goods, the sealed crates are opened, resealed and replaced when you are done. Goods removed are documented. This allows for greater security and everyone’s peace of mind.

With 1st Generation Moving’s Storage facilities you can be sure your goods are in safe hands until you can schedule a time for us to deliver them to their permanent location.


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