Quick tips that everybody should read before starting to pack

Tip 1: Packing books

Books weigh a lot. Pack your books in small boxes so that they are easy for packers to move safely and quickly. Large heavy boxes of books will only slow down your move and make it hard for our movers.

TIP 2: Fragile items

Use a good few inches of crumpled-up paper under, around and on top of any fragile items and don’t overcrowd the box.

Tip 3: Important documents

We strongly advise that all important documents including passports, birth certificates, bank statements, school records, utility and other bills, etc., should be kept apart from the general shipment and ideally should be kept in safekeeping by the client.

Tip 4: Hazardous materials

Included in the category of hazardous materials are gasoline, oil, propane tanks, diesel, paint and even some cleaning agents and laundry detergent. Please consult us before packing any household cleaning supplies to be sure it is permitted inside the moving truck.

Tip 5: Disassemble furniture and other equipment

Disassembled furniture is much easier to move and takes up a lot less room in the truck. Be sure to place all screws, bolts, pins, hinges and other assembly parts in a zip-lock bag and tape this securely to the furniture in question. This will make it much easier to reassemble at the other end.

Tip 6: Appliances

Disconnect your washer/drier (including water hoses) and empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator on the day before the move. This will make it faster and easier for the movers when they arrive.

Tip 7: Garden and power tools

Be sure to wrap up the sharp edges of drill bits, saws, shears, secateurs, weeders and other garden tools and then pack them together using plenty of crumpled paper in small boxes. Long handled tools can be taped together in bundles.

Tip 8: Lawn mowers and other gas operated machinery

Be sure to empty the gas tanks of lawn mowers and other gas-operated weed-wackers, branch trimmers etc., and check for oil leaks that could damage other household items in the moving truck.