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Commercial Moving Services

Need to have your office or business relocated?

How our commercial moving service works:

Before the move, 1st Generation Moving will ask you to provide a floor plan of your new premises. We will then work with you to divide it into sections and to assign different numbers or letters to section.

Before the move we will assist you and your staff in sticking color-coded and numbered labels on to each item you want to move into the new premises. Every item will also be inventoried and cross-referenced on the floor plan of the new location so that our movers know exactly where it is to go on arrival in the new location. Our labels are designed to not damage your furniture or other items when they are removed, but are secure enough to remain in place during transit.

Also before the actual day of the move, 1st Generation Moving will find out the logistical requirements and restrictions of the buildings your business is moving out of and into. This will ensure that all goes smoothly on moving day and our movers will know the best places to park, where to unload, security arrangements, etc.

We will also issue both buildings’ management offices with a certificate of insurance so that any untoward eventuality is covered.

At 1st Generation Moving we make it our business to minimize the disruption and make your commercial move as smooth and uneventful as possible.

Let 1st Generation Moving worry about the packing, shipping and unloading so that you can concentrate on getting your business back up and running again in the shortest possible time.

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1st Generation Moving aims to reduce the pressure and stress that can make your commercial move an anxious time. Let us become your “moving department”.

We have designed a unique commercial relocation process which has the flexibility to meet the specific needs and budget of your particular business move.

Our commercial relocation service starts with listening to you tell us the unique details and requirements of your specific business move or employee relocation.

Once we know the details of what makes your move different, our job becomes a whole lot easier. Then we can recommend specific service strategies and alternatives to make the detailed completion of your move as pleasant and stress-free as possible.



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